Murine Keratinocytes (mKTC)

Ready-to-use freshly isolated keratinocytes

Murine keratinocytes are isolated from neonatal mouse skin. Cell isolation has been performed through enzyme dissociation. Enriched fraction of keratinocytes has been obtained after removal of the dermis. Fresh mouse keratinocytes have been cryopreserved straight after isolation and therefore they are at passage 0.

Handling instructions:
These convenient murine keratinocytes are ready-to-plate in order to perform your assay. Just thaw the vial and gently dilute it with kSFM medium (from Life Technologies, Cat.#:10744-019) supplemented with 50 U/ml penicillin and 50 mg/ml streptomycin. Then seed the keratinocytes onto one 96-well plate that has been previously pre-treated with collagen type I as substrate. Change culture medium 48 hours after seeding and perform your assay as soon as the keratinocytes have the desired confluency.