Syrian Hamster Embryo Cells (SHE Cells)

​Syrian Hamster Embryo Cells are isolated from a 13 day pregnant Syrian Hamster acquired from Charles River Laboratories by dispase enzymatic digestion of embryos. Cell isolation is performed aseptically following the guidance document: OECD Environment, Health and Safety Publication-Guidance Document on the in vitro Syrian Hamster Embryo (SHE) Cell Transformation Assay. Primary cultured cells are then allowed to grow 2-4 days prior to cryopreservation.

Special care has been taken to isolate these cells under the above guidance and also as specified in Maire et al. or in the EURL ECVAM DB-ALM protocol for conducting the Syrian Hamster Embryo Cells Transformation Assay (SHE CTA). These frozen cells may be used as feeder cells (2x106 cells) and also as target cells (1x106 cells) of the treatment and endpoint measurement in the Cell Transformation Assay.

Product characteristics
Organism:  Mesocricetus auratus
Common name: Golden Syrian Hamster
Tissue: Embryo
Cell type: Syrian Hamster Embryo Cells
Cell Passing number: 1
Viable cells per vial (post-thawing):   1x106 cells or 2x106 cells
Growth properties: Adherent (plastic)